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Rihanna R8 Album Download

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Rihanna R8 Album Leak

The song “World Peace”, which now appeared in the Internet, really by Rihanna or just made up?

This year, Rihanna would like to publish an album again. That would be the seventh album of by performed by Barbadian singer, which is just their fans not only on the tour also shows like liberal in their social networks.

But with her artistic work, her brand new song “World Peace” on the video platform YouTube, RiRi might not like open-hearted handling. Finally, the successful artist wants to earn money with their music and not free in the network provide them.

Here the title popped up “Rihanna – World Peace (new album #R8 song 2015) that now.” Already albums and songs by artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears and Katy Perry geleaked and involuntarily in the network were put before her.

Whether this song but all Rihanna is not verified so far yet. Their management and the record company issued no statement yet. However, experts consider the piece of music for an original by Rihanna. Many fans, however, are sure: the song “World Peace”, published on the Internet is not by their idol. It is an imitation.

Who just sounds in the recording will find certainly, that the voice sounds very much like Rihanna. Maybe it was also a clever trick to make advertising for their new album.

Whether or not, the whole fake is probably only Rihanna and the creators of the album know Pinball you make yourself an opinion about the song “World Peace” you:

A mysterious, “confidential” track list to a new album by Rihanna has surfaced in the vastness of the Internet. Exists ‘Lost files’ really or is all fake?

Rihanna’s eighth album – under members of the “Navy”, as performed by Barbadian siren fans call themselves, is only known as “R8” – without a doubt of one of the most hottest expected pop albums of the winter season. So far have got only scant information to the public, and completely untypical was Miss Fenty, who previously has bailed out seven plates in eight years 2014 largely absent from the music scene.

The time off may have now come to an end: A blurry snapshot of a mysterious tracklist showed up online, as “confidential” and is classified “to revise” horrendous “consequences” are threatened with their leak. According to the list is the album entitled ‘Lost Files’ and will be released already on 25 November. A spontaneous publication without long

Promo period is not so absurd – is rumored for months, Rihanna’s team plan for her new album a surprise release à la Beyoncé.

The tracklist, which apparently should be announced November 4, contains 14 songs, as well as three bonus tracks on the Deluxe Edition. Feature celebrities are also on board: the ubiquitous Nicki Minaj, ex-lover Drake, big Sean, as well as tour colleague Eminem to RiRi apparently with their rap skills support. If it’s true, will show – is in any case, ever, that ‘Lost Files’ is a pretty funny name for a new album. Maybe it is just a compilation of unreleaster tracks?

What we previously knew about “R8” is only that both the time-tested Ne-Yo as well as newcomer Kiesza as writing monkey for Rihanna has become active and her potential hits on the tattooed body is written to.